Using RaspberryPI in a Prius

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Using RaspberryPI in a Prius

Postby cyberchucktx » 29 Aug 2016, 07:33


I'm about to buy a brand-new Prius hatchback (2016). I am planning on using a Car Solutions device ( GVIF Interface for Lexus/Toyota/Land Rover/Nissan/Jaguar, product code 813639, see

I wish to hook up a Raspberry PI 3 computer ( ) to this to drive the OEM display on my new vehicle.

Has anyone else on this forum done this already?

I contacted my local CarToys store (auto audio place) here in Houston, TX and they said they can do the installation of the GVIF interface for about $200 (or less).

Other questions:
1) How does one switch between the stock Prius functions and the RPI output? It looks like a pushbutton switch provided with the device .. is this correct?
2) If so, is it possible to use some other method for switching the display?

For example, I'm planning to install a CANBUS/ODBII shield on my RPI3 which means I can talk to (send/receive)
from the vehicle control interfaces, so for example I could switch displays by using existing controls/switches to do the
changing between functions (preferably something on the steering wheell, like detecting two quick flikcs of the turn signal or something).

Any ideas?

I'll be trying to get this working in the next month or so.

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Re: Using RaspberryPI in a Prius

Postby Yuretz » 29 Aug 2016, 09:36

Gvif interface doesn't fit Toyota Prius 2016MY for sure. If this Prius is eqipped with the Touch 2 head unit this video interface may fit ... elines.php .
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