CAN cables / colours Range Rover Sport

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CAN cables / colours Range Rover Sport

Postby johnkoot » 23 Aug 2014, 14:44

Hi there,

I've ordered: ... jaguar.php
and the:

In preperation of the installation in my land rover range rover sport 2006, i can not identify the can high and can low cables.

The manual says the HIGH cable is green/brown and the LOW cable is green.
CAN HIGH: I can't find the green/brown cable, it's not there!
CAN LOW: And i've up to 3 (!) green cables, so, which one do i need to cut !?

Please watch the photo, you can excatly see the colour of wires there are, can anyone tell me what wires to cut and connect to the two can-cables of the GVIF ?

Otherwise, if you can't, i would like to have the exact pinnumbers of the cars CAN Connection connector. What pinnumbers (car navigation connection) are the can high and can low connections?

Many thanks!
Greets John
The Netherlands
wires navigation_small.jpg
photo of colours wiring to navigation
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Re: CAN cables / colours Range Rover Sport

Postby Chortenia » 26 Aug 2014, 15:28


First of all we, unfortunately, don't have schematic diagram of this car and manufacturer can change wires color. The CAN wires should be twisted pair and I see a twisted pair of green and yellow wires on your picture. Please, measure the voltage on these wires relatively to the GND when ignition is on. If there is 2-5V, then these are CAN wires.

Best regards,
Car Solutions Team
Best regards,
Car Solutions Team
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