Any video solution for mazda cx-5 / new mazda 6?

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Any video solution for mazda cx-5 / new mazda 6?

Postby ikerg » 08 Apr 2013, 08:44

I am looking for a solution to enhance my oem touchscreen on mazda cx5
This touchscreen is very limted.
Te complete solution for me could be an independent android system that could be used as a music player, video player and other phones mirroring system to the oem touchscreen.

Wondeproud people told me that they have currently finished the wp9200 (your cs9200) for this mazda system.
As the mazda system has a video input (i dont know if it is rgb or other kind of video input) for the tomtom navigator i thougt this cable system could be used. They published a photo in which the button of the navigator is dissassembled.

D you know something regarding this installation?
Which features are expected?
When the wp9900 compatible for mazda could be available?
Is here any video interface of your catalogue compatible with mazda's? Could be used the touchscreen to mirror a phone? (Even no independent OS in the box)

Many thanks in advance
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Re: Any video solution for mazda cx-5 / new mazda 6?

Postby Chortenia » 08 Apr 2013, 12:16


Please, provide the photo of your monitor from all sides for us to be able to look for the solution.
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