Smartest GW500/BT1500 install in a Boxter S 2007 w. PCM 2.1

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Smartest GW500/BT1500 install in a Boxter S 2007 w. PCM 2.1

Postby Stuttgart » 14 Sep 2012, 22:46

Like the subject says: The absolute most clever & hidden install with no extension cables needed or modifications to the interior. Over to my questions:

1) I have absolute latest PCM 4.0 version (I guess), PCM Actual: 05395BD1/4505 & PCM System Software: 05462AD1/4605 without the physical CDC (CD Changer) installed but my PCM 2.1 is prepared for CDC, Porsche order code 689. Do I regardless this need to re-activate the CDC function for the Dension kit or will It work fine as is today?

2a) How/where to put the RCA & external in box with the master power switch box (I want everything 100% hidden, gloove box?)?

2b) How/where to put the iPhone USB connector? I dont want to put It visible in the interior either & I will NOT use the iPhone stand & mostly go for Bluetooth for both music streaming & phone calls If It's not to slow (..or is It?)

2c) Is the smartest to place to put all Dension boxes: Behind the PCM 2.1 unit instead of beside the nav-DVD in the front trunk?

2d) Where to get the power from If placing It behind PCM 2.1, a permanent bus or? Will the Dension units have a 100% auto shut off so It doesnt drain my batteri If standing for a longer time?

2e) Best placement of the BT mic & I guess using the defualt handsfree Porsche telephone mic was to complicated?

A guy from this YouTube clip: did install the Dension kit in the front trunk of a 997 but later he replied like this instead that is probably the smartest after all:

"I would recommend placing the connectors in the glove box. I did an installation like this in a Cayenne and it turned out very well (it was fairly easy too). I pulled the PCM out and away from the dash and mounted the Dension unit behind it. I then ran the connectors into the glove box through a hole I had to drill in the back of the glove box. Aside from this slight mod, all the cables fit behind panels for a clean look. I also ran the microphone cable behind the driver side foot well panels and up the A pillar. Then behind that A pillar panel and ultimately mounted the microphone on the panel with the interior lights/garage door opener. Also, fairly easy to hide the cable."

Finally, pictures would be extremely helpful also beside your written answers.

Best Regards & thanks in advance from Helsingborg, Sweden,
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