Touchscreen with GVIF Interface for 2009 Cadillac CTS-V

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Touchscreen with GVIF Interface for 2009 Cadillac CTS-V

Postby rparsad » 19 Mar 2012, 23:30


I just purchased this part and I have it now! I want to use it to install a media center computer in my car, remote controlled via WiFi or bluetooth by a tablet. I want the built-in factory nav screen to show the computer's video out. The computer has HDMI out only, so I will have to use a converter, no problem. It also has optical audio out so I'll plug that into a stand alone DAC which will output to my amps. Here's my question:

How can I use the built-in nav screen's touch panel to control the computer?

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Re: Touchscreen with GVIF Interface for 2009 Cadillac CTS-V

Postby Chortenia » 23 Mar 2012, 18:04


You will need to make little changes in the monitor, namely you need to cut in OEM touch screen panel connection. Please, have a look on the scheme of what you will have to do:


Components you will need:
1. USB touch screen controller
2. Relay- 2 pc.
3. FPC socket (8 pin, 1 mm pitch) - 2pc.
4. Flat cable - 1 pc.

If you assemble and connect it correctly, then when you switch to RGB input on GVIF interface, touch screen panel will automatically switch to USB touch screen controller, which in its turn is connected to computer. When shifting to OEM image touch screen panel will be switched to OEM functions control mode. You can take another relay. I provided example of what you need.
Also please keep in mind that OEM touch screen panel has electric polarity as well as USB touch screen adapter. You can find more detailed information in our touch screen panels installation manual.

Best regards,
Car Solutions Team
Best regards,
Car Solutions Team
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Re: Touchscreen with GVIF Interface for 2009 Cadillac CTS-V

Postby redheadedrod » 06 Jan 2018, 10:30

Hello, I currently own a 2009 CTS with factory navigation.

I am researching adding Android to this system for myself and as a member of a popular Cadillac Forum. Decided to revive this thread as opposed to starting a new one.

Is it as simple as just getting a Video interface and a Navigation box?

I see two compatible interfaces with the only real obvious difference being support for a front camera?

I would personally be interested in installing the Q-ROI 2 box on my vehicle.

Also with installing the video interface would this support me being able to upgrade my touch screen to support better graphics for the add on devices while maintaining OEM support for my Navigation head unit?
In other words install a higher resolution screen and touch panel that will still work with the OEM head unit.

Thank you! I am sure I will have more questions but we can start here.
I don't know if this will lead to just myself installing one of your setups or many people. I know the original Win Mobile CE 5.0 head units are lacking in many ways and I personally desire using the Android box to use WAZE and other items.
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