How to add/change operator in connection settings

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How to add/change operator in connection settings

Postby Chortenia » 09 Oct 2012, 18:02

Note! Make copy of Connsetup.ini file to avoid mistakes if something goes wrong.

In order to add/change operator settings open file: \SDMMC Disk\Menu\Shell\apps\Internet\Connect\Ini\Connsetup.ini
in any text editor.


To change operator settings you should find the necessary operator (let it be “Kyivstar 3G”) and change settings, where:


Operator – Name of the operator.
Settings — Modem initialization line (apply to the operator). 
Phone – Connection number (apply to the operator).
Login – Login.
Pass – Password.
Skip Modem and AutoReg. There's no need to change anything there. 

Note! Initialization line should start with “+” for devices operating under WinCE, i.e. skip “AT” prefix.

If you didn't find your operator in the list, you should create new record. To do this find the following lines:


and add new operator after comma in the field of your country. Let's add new operator “New operator” for Ukraine.


Now you need to add settings for our new operator. To do this add settings for our operator the same way as for existing ones. Leave Modem and AutoReg fields the same as for other operators, i.e. Modem=ZTE,HUAWEI , AutoReg=False. 

Note: Operator name in square brackets should be the same as the name added after comma.


If everything went right we will see the results on the “Connection settings”. After completing wizard instructions our settings for new connection will be saved.

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