The Video Interface Purpose and Functions

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The Video Interface Purpose and Functions

Postby Chortenia » 16 Apr 2013, 10:21

Nowadays the notion of car video interface or, as they are also called, video converters, are already often used by the installers and car electronics fans. However, for most car enthusiasts this term is unknown or appears to be some kind of some strange grey box.
However, everything is plain and simple.

The video interface allows you to connect additional video devices to your OEM car monitor. These can be rear view camera, DVD or HD player and even aftermarket navigation box.


At least two questions can come to your mind: why do I need all these video devices and why can't I simply connect them directly to the monitor. Here's our answer: first of all, OEM head units often have quite limited functionality – the navigation is rather poor or there is no navigation at all, DVD player is not provided, video in motion is often locked. The answer to the second question is very simple – OEM monitors do not have additional connection inputs. Moreover, most car video devices are analogue, and head units are digital. So in plain English, you need the device to provide inputs and convert the video signal. That's actually what the video interface does.

Read more about the video interface additional functions, connection and selection principles in our article.
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